Corporate Events

Team Building? Strengthen relationships? Have some fun?

Looking for a way to connect with your staff members or clients? With our corporate dragon boat activity, you can build a better team or encourage more customer and client interactions in a fun and safe way.

Our corporate day event teaches basic paddling skills, watercraft and of course, how to win a race in a Dragon Boat!

For $250.00 per boat (we have three!) we offer:

  • On shore instruction (at least 30 – 45 minutes before loading the boat)
  • One hour paddling and water instruction
  • Life Jackets, Paddles and liability Insurance
  • Professionally trained Coaches and Steersmen
  • Each dragon boat holds up to 20 paddlers (we need minimum 14 for safety)
  • No Experience necessary – we will teach you everything you need to know!
  • If we have two boats, we will ensure we have a fun race at the end of the water session.

Help your employees or clients have the chance to see the beautiful lake Okanagan from a different view and you will not only create some fun team building but perhaps some will find their next favourite sport.

Contact us for more details. [email protected]