Volunteers August 26-27, 2017

The Kelowna Dragon Boat Club is once again looking for volunteers to help us make our 8th Annual Kelowna  Dragon Boat Club Festival a safe and successful event. Volunteer activities include both land and water responsibilities. Each volunteer will be provided with drinking water, apples and granola bars while volunteering.

We will be looking to fill the following positions on Saturday and/or Sunday. All help is greatly appreciated!

  • Setup Crew Set up Tents and chairs, distribute garbage cans to beer gardens and throughout festival area. Arrive early before races start.
  • Souvenir Sales Sell festival t-shirts, etc.throughout races. Arrive at 8:00am
  • Team Registration Welcome Teams, distribute information to team managers. Arrive at 7:30am.
  • Time Keepers Record race times as boats finish the races. Arrive 8:00am
  • Load Boats Assisting paddlers in/out of boats. Hold boats steady while paddlers load/unload, bail any water that gets in boats. GREAT JOB FOR STUDENTS! Arrive at 8:30am
  • Marshall Assistant Assist in keeping the races going, help in calling teams to races. Arrive at 8:00am
  • Director Assistant Help the Festival director with various jobs to ensure a smooth operating event. Arrive at 8:00am
  • Start Line Assistant Assist in getting the boats lined up to race, writing down information if necessary, holding equipment. Arrive at 7:30am
  • Results Runners Take race results from finish line to the results posting area. Arrive at 8:30am
  • Gate keepers Direct vehicle traffic, allowing vendors to set up in beach area. Arrive at 7:00am and also 3:00pm. Different people each shift is okay.
  • Cleanup Crew All hands on deck. Take down tents, fold chairs, collect garbage. Arrive at 3:00pm

Students who volunteer to help will also receive a letter recognizing their volunteer hours.

Please email us at [email protected] to sign up as a volunteer.